US1Photo: Their new face...

...or, camera crooks need to take some Photoshop lessons.'s storefront as it appears on their website:

A shot of the Photomania storefront (same location- 426 N. Wood Avenue Linden NJ) as taken by Don Wiss:

This image is from Don Wiss' excellent photo collection of camera shops. According to Don Wiss: "I took the picture on 9/12/07. My pictures are always untouched. I crop losslessly and then reduce in size."

Note the Photoshop work in the website photo.

While actually has decent-looking ratings on (roughly 8; possibly inflated by fake reviews) and on BBB (here is their good report and their bad report), I wouldn't trust these guys. Also check out this blog post on US1Photo.

It looks like they are still one of the many bait and switch camera shops that constantly resurface with new identities. / / / Photomania / / AgA Electronics Inc. has a history of ripping consumers off. Same slime, tacky new facelift.

Thanks to Don Wiss for his comments and permission to use this photo. Please visit his website for more pictures of Brooklyn camera retailers (both legitimate dealers and shady ones).

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